The restoration works

The main intent of the nowadays restoration is to preserve every aspects of the castle, connected to the three historical phases: castle of the counts "de Ceccano" (X-XV century), castle of the Colonna's family (XVI-XVII cenury) and the castle of the marquis F. Berardi (XVIII-XIX century).

According to the will of the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the works of restoration were done by following the photographic library of the XIX and XX century. First of all they broke down all the elements of the jail (the  balcony, the external stairs, the toilets) and after that, they rebuilt the roof.

The restoration has been started in 2001 and the Region payed a total amount of 4.500.000,00 euros.

Nowadays they finished the works of the first and the second floor of the castle and now it is possible to use it to organize a lot cultural events.


(For more informations please visit the report of the architect F. Ruggiero in the Italian website)