The castle of Ceccano's counts

The history of the castle goes through three phases.

 The first is the Medieval phase, when the rock was the centre of the Ceccano's counts dominion, which enclosed the two opposite Lepini's mountainsides. In this period the castle owned the keep, the Palatium and the Turris picta.


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The second phase is linked to the the dominion of the Colonna family which started in 1523.  In this period the rock was turned into a jail and it hosted a General Hearer who managed the dominion. In 1734 Fabrizio Colonna decided to trasfer the Law Court from Pofi to Ceccano and in  this circumstance a structure of two floors was added to the castle.


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In the third phase the architect Antonio Cipolla directed the works of reparation which conferred to the castle a neogothic façade and a crenellated bench. The last floor was converted to a place of residence and the buildings situated on the right of the courtyard come from this period.


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In 1973 the jail was closed and the castle was abandoned for 30 years. In 1993 the Municipality of Ceccano bought it at an advertised bidding.

The Municipality, according to the the new reparation works, decided to break down all the buildings which had got no affinity with the primary structure. The primary façades were maintened to allow a good reconstruction of the three phases: Medieval castle, Colonna's castle and the 19th century dome.  These works were the centre of a lot of controversies because the Municipality did not rebuild the 19th century crenellations.