Piazza Municipio e Palazzo Angeletti Antonelli


(Town Hall Square & Angeletti - Antonelli's Palace)


Piazza Municipio is a distinctive square, once dedicated to the memory of St. Sebastian, on which appears Palazzo Angeletti, palace of the municipal administration, and the church of San Sebastiano. The place is enriched by a fountain of the nineteenth century, built at the time of Gonfalonier Sindici Nicola: in front of the palace there is a massive limestone wall and one of the access doors of the town, on which there is the Colonna's design. On the wall we can admire a stone plaque, made to commemorate Sindici Orestes, a glorious character of Ceccano who in 1887 composed the anthem of Colombia.

Palazzo Angeletti - Antonelli  hosts the Municipal Library. Built in the XVI century, it was part of the Angeletti's family properties. In the past it hosted distinguished characters as Antonio Baldinucci, Pope Clemente XIV and St. Paul of the Cross.



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