Collegiata di San Giovanni Battista


(Collegiate Church of St. John the Baptiste)

 The collegiate church of St. John the Baptiste, one of the first saints worshipped in the town, was built in 1141, as reported by the Annales Ceccanenses. In 1587 the building was consecrated by the priest Silvio Galassi and during the next centuries it was turned into its modern aspect. The first changes, during the XVI century, involved the loggia, which was eliminated, and the entrance on Piazza Vecchia with the stairway being demolished and the enlargement of this structure towards the current entrance. The new structure didn't have an absid while it had the entrance aimed at the North. It ended with the canonical house and the garden which were both eliminated in 1868. Another change was made in 1751 by the architect Giovanni Battista Nolli who turned the church's style from medieval to eighteen-century.

In 1807 the relics of the martyrs Sebastian and Clemente were put inside the church.

The new frontage was designed by the engeneer Gaetano Rebecchini from Rome in 1908 and made up by the engeneer Amedeo Gonzales from Salerno in 1925 and without any structural changes.




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