Chiesa di San Sebastiano


(St. Sebastian's Church)


This church,located in the city hall square, was built under cardinal Annibaldo IV de Ceccano's will during the XIV century. Because of the several conflicts all over the de Ceccano's county, this church was progressively left abandoned. As the Colonnas took power after the de Ceccano's counts during the first half of the XVI century, in 1597 this building was rebuilt with the baroque style and opened again to believers. After the publishing of the Instaurandae regularis disciplinae by the Pope, the structure was left abandoned from 1652 until 1868, when the order of the Suore di Carità (Nuns of Charity) took care of it. They left this church in 1969 and then this building was closed, from that year, until 1980.

This church has only one nave with two side altars which are decorated with XVII century frescoes. It also contains a little four-ranges organ, the only model existing in all Ciociaria. It was built for the recall of the 1775 Jubilee and then left abandoned. It has been repaired in 1960 by a specialist.



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