Chiesa di San Nicola


(St. Nicholas' Church) 

 The existence of the church is testified for the first time, in 1196, in theAnnales Ceccanenses, when the bishop of Terracina came to Ceccano to bless Santa Maria a Fiume. Situated in the higher part of the town, once it arouse out of the walls and for this reason it could be easily attacked. In the XIII century the church was broke down and rebuilt with an irregular plan. The restoration of the church implicated different benefactors, as we can see through the gothic inscriptions of the pillars: Tommaso II (1299-1381), Bernardo II (  † 1321), Tommaso I (  † 1334) and Tommaso III ( † 1381).

 In 1814 Domenico Sindici ordered to build a new altar with marble, while in 1882 it was the turn of Lorenzo Gizzi. He ordered to build a sacristy, where it is possible to admire his tombstone. During the Second World War the church was rocketed by the USA bombs and the last restoration works were realized by the Civil engineering.

The interior of the church is made up of three naves covered by gothic arches and held up by two pillars.

There are two oil-cloths of the XVIII century: one was gifted by Domenico Sindici in 1814 and it represents a biblical scene of Tobiolo with the ArchangelRaphael, while the other is an oil-cloth of the Suffering of the Virgin belonging to the Prince Colonna.

According to the professor Marcello Carlino, Saint Nicholas doesn't have a true facade because of the position of the portal. It seems that the church has been twisted.








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